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Dr. Shawar
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Model: model ca 5212
S.R 99 S.R 160
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Model: ac 200
the description:Fits all 1/4 inch pipeline water filter systems and reverse osmosis systems. It provides much convenience for your life.304 stainless steel brushed nickel sanitary water tap. Compared to lower quality materials, brushed nickel finish 304 stainless steel is lead free and never rusts d..
S.R 80
Ex Tax:S.R 80
refrigerator flask
New -40 %
Model: model ca 5211
It is placed on top of the refrigerator and is connected to a water desalination device that dispenses with filled bottles- Made in China..
S.R 150 S.R 250
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royal faucet
New -44 %
salt measuring device salt measuring device
New -45 % 2-3 Days
Model: model ca 5213
S.R 160 S.R 290
Ex Tax:S.R 160
Model: ac 202
The shower filter effectively processes to remove up to 99% of chlorine, dirt, lead, iron oxides, hydrogen sulfide odor and resists bacterial growth. For healthier skin and hair, this shower filter removes anti-nitrites (and unhealthy chlorine) that cause skin irritation and hair problems.Its use is..
S.R 100
Ex Tax:S.R 100
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