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Nano digital station

Nano digital station
Nano digital station
Nano digital station
Nano digital station
Nano digital station

7-stage water filter

Features of the home water desalination device nano digital water filter

1. Salt control device, water desalination device

2. Easy to change the candles by yourself

3. Production capacity of 350 liters of desalinated water per day.

4. Powerful pump up to 130 PSI to speed up the desalination process

5. Sixth stage combined with four stages

6. Fiber-class tank with a larger storage capacity of 18.75 liters, ready for direct use

Services provided after installation

Periodic follow-up every 4 months

- Checking the salt level

Sterilization level check

- Ensure that the device is automatically disconnected and turned on

* Two years warranty including electrical parts + 6 years free additional follow-up

Learn about the home water desalination device Nano digital

First stage (cotton filter)

The Water Life Home Desalting System contains premium polypropylene that purifies up to 5 microns

It works to remove impurities, sediments, dust and pollution inside the water. Salsabil purity filters

-Second stage (granular carbon filter):

6-stage water filter made of thermal activated carbon, its function is to remove gases and treat water from unwanted substances such as chlorine, taste and odor

- 3rd stage (carbon steel filter)

6-stage water filter made of carbon steel with 1 micron pores, its function is to remove the smallest impurities before the water enters the salt separation stage

Fourth stage (Membrane salt filter)

The reverse osmosis (RO) unit in the Water Life home desalination device is a unit known as the organic membrane on fine and narrow pores of up to 0.00001 microns and depends on the osmosis property, muscle, organic salts,

Starting from 96% as mechanical ejection rate

Fifth stage (post carbon filter)

Coconut carbon filter adjusts acidity and eliminates any unpleasant odor or taste after tank water.

Sixth stage

And it helps not to multiply bacteria and algae in the water and helps to kill bacteria

Seventh stage

 Helps kill bacteria

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